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HPS Series 200 HTP

High Temp Pump Station

  • 1-4 zone station model housing
  • White powder coat appliance finish
  • 3/4" sweat bronze body pumps UP15-42BUC7
  • Organic acid bath polished copper piping
  • System bleed purge valve
  • 4-zone electronic relay control board
  • Dahl supply side ball valves
  • Dahl return zone ball valves
  • Priority with priority safe feature
  • Pump duty cycle timer options
  • Optional boiler protection feature
  • Low water cutoff 24V access option
  • LED indicator lights
  • Integral pump flow check valves
  • Auto air vents supply-return

Due to border tariffs and fuel surcharges, our shipping calculations may need to be adjusted after you order.

Call 866-361-4782 if you require a more accurate shipping quote.

All sales of HPS panels are final, no returns are accepted.

Documentation: HPS_SERIES 200 HTP.pdf

Part No. Qty Unit Price
HP200001 HTP-1 High Temp Pump Panel $866.14
HP200002 HTP-2 High Temp Pump Panel $1727.49
HP200003 HTP-3 High Temp Pump Panel $2172.50
HP200004 HTP-4 High Temp Pump Panel $2521.18

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