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TVM ULTRA NO-TEAR (NT) Radiant Barrier

TVM Ultra No-Tear Highest reflectivity of any radiant barrier ULTRA NO TEAR (NT)-RADIANT BARRIER rFOIL™ An ultra strong, tear-resistant, radiant barrier for controlling radiant heat gain and loss in attics. Two sheets of pure aluminum foil provide the highest reflectivity of any radiant barrier available. An inter-woven polyethylene mesh ensures unrivaled durability and long life. Advantages No tear 0.011" thick 51.88lbs/in tensile strength 115psi puncture resistance Class A/Class 1 fire rating 97% Reflectivity Primary Uses Attic and crawlspace Cold storage and refrigeration House and building wrap... Read more

TVM Insulation Tape | Radiant Heat

TVM Insulation Tape Excellent vapor barrier seal rFOIL™ adhesive tapes are available in two varieties: White Poly and Aluminum. Seams Gaps Tab sections Rips Tears Economical Quick and easy to install Approved vapor barrier Available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs... Read more

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