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FlatPlate Heat Exchanger - Snowmelt

FlatPlate Heat Exchanger FP Series Designed for a wide variety of fluid to fluid applications. The FP Series is designed for a wide variety of fluid to fluid applications requiring exacting heat transfer performance. Hydronic Applications include: Domestic Water Heating Snow Melt Systems Radiant Floor Systems Cooling Tower Interface High Pressure to Low Pressure Isolation Glycol to Water Close Approach Applications Shell/Tube Replacements Capable of 8°F to 10°F approach (std) to as low as 3°F approach for the larger models. Totally sealed stainless steel construction, copper brazed with a high performance heat transfer surface to promote low fouling. ALL models... Read more

FlatPlate Heat Exchanger - Low Pressure Drop

FlatPlate Heat Exchanger FP-L Series Low Pressure Drop heat exchanger FlatPlate Inc.'s FP-L Series of Low Pressure Drop heat exchangers is ideal for applications with low pressure drop requirements. Like FlatPlate's FP models, they are reliable, rugged and compact. Each heat exchanger is 100% factory tested and comes standard with heavy duty steel male pipe thread connections and mounting studs. There is up to a 3 week lead time on FlatPlate Inc. products... Read more

FlatPlate Heat Exchanger - Swimming Pool or Spa

FlatPlate Heat Exchanger MPN-L Series Specifically designed for use in swimming pool & spa heating FlatPlate's MPN-L Series of heat exchangers are specifically designed for use in swimming pool/spa heating, industrial processes, steam and other applications where biological elements or low concentrations of acids are present. Just like FlatPlate's copper brazed models, the MPN-L Series heat exchangers are compact, rugged and reliable. All are 100% factory tested. Heavy duty MPT connection and rugged stainless steel mounting studs are standard. All MP Series models have male pipe thread fittings and mounting stud bolts. Maximum allowable working pressure 300 psi. There is... Read more

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